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The Hunnaball Family Funeral Group
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24 Hour Funeral Helpline: 01206 760049

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Your choice of coffin

We have a comprehensive selection of the nest traditional solid and veneered coffins and caskets, manufactured to our own specification by highly skilled local craftsmen.

All are made to the highest standard using timber from sustained forests. Our eco-friendly range of hand-crafted natural coffins include the ‘Daisy’ and the ‘Willow’ and an exclusive range of
‘Colourful Coffins’ in stunning designs, including football team colours, can also be customised to your own specifications for a truly unique coffin.

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Tree symbol indicates coffin is also suitable for natural burials.
Hunnaball coffin - The Bradfield
Hunnaball coffin - The Wells
Hunnaball coffin - The Colchester
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Hunnaball coffin - The Orwell
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Hunnaball coffin - The York
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Hunnaball coffin - The Snowdrop
Hunnaball coffin - The Willow
Hunnaball coffin - The Contemporary
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Hunnaball coffin - The Norwich
Hunnaball coffin - The Stour

For a personal consultation, contact any of our branches and our trained staff will be happy to assist you.
Please email to request a brochure or call 01206 760049 to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements.

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